Bespoke Bridal

You know how hard it can be to find the perfect pieces to reflect your unique style on your wedding day. You have the perfect partner (and dress) and now you're looking for the perfect accessories to accentuate your special day. 

We're here to help. Our services have been carefully curated to take the stress out of accesory shopping. For the average bride, it's easy to pick up a headpiece off the shelf. But you're not the average bride.

Custom, handmade work is a luxury. There's no better time than your wedding to exercise that luxury. Get the piece you want and don't compromise on style. 

We'll listen to your unique needs, color schemes, themes, and love story to make sure your headpiece will become more than a wedding day accesory- we create a piece for you that is an heirloom that you can proudly pass down to future generations.


Step 1: Connect

The first step is to connect with us! Tell us what you want and don't want for your headpiece. If you're not exactly sure, that's ok too! We love seeing your Pinterest inspiration boards, hairstyles, and screenshots you have saved on your phone. We can also use details like your wedding date, venue, and theme to help with styling suggestions.


Step 2: Collaborate

You'll hear from us within 24 hours of your initial interest. We might ask your for a few more details about your wedding so that we can understand your unique style and vision. Once we're aligned on the vision, we'll propose some timeframes and quotes. As soon as we have those details underway, we'll setup a special listing customized for you in order to submit payment. After payment, we'll get started on your custom piece right away! 


Step 3: Commit

As we start making your custom piece, we'll send you photos to ensure we're getting the details exactly the way you'd like them. At this stage, it's still fine to make suggestions for small changes and tweaks.

Once you have the sneak peek, we'll finish up and prepare your piece for shipment. All of our packages come in a pretty box that is secured and safe for any adventures through the postal service. We use tracking services for every package so you'll be able to keep track too!