How to Rock a Bangle the right way

Ayana Miller

Who doesn't love a cute bangle? It's a nice way to add a little pizazz to an otherwise plain wrist and outfit. However, we've all seen the case of bangle gone wrong- too many, too colorful, too thick, or just wrong. Here's a quick punchlist of how to wear a bangle the right way:

  1. Do stack. Mixing and matching is a great way to make your bangle stack stand out. Play with texture too! 
  2. Don't mix metals. Things can get tricky quickly, but one rule you'll likely want to follow is sticking to one metal- silver or gold are usually the most common. 
  3. Do wear bangle on both wrists. If you're going to stack, be sure to strike a balance. Both of your wrists want some love! 
  4. Don't go to mid-arm. Too many bangles can look like a mess! Instead, find a healthy balance just above the wrist. Preferences will vary, but it may be useful to use the weight or sounds as indicators of what will be comfortable for you! 



3 Surprisingly Free Jewelry Services

SPRING 2016Ayana MillerComment

Although most things in life aren't free, there are some jewelry services that actually are offered at no charge to you! Why? It's simple. These services are an opportunity for jewelry stores to get you to come in and look around. Plus, it feels so special and exclusive.  The free services are low cost to them since they have the tools and materials in stock anyway, but it shows that they care about their customers. You don't even have to own jewelry from the store to have them do this work! However, the pieces you ask them to service should be quality pieces (sterling silver, gold, rose gold etc.) Nice perk, right? 

Try out these free services at a fine jewelry store the next time you're at your local mall. Your friends will be impressed with your knowledge of fine jewelry services and you'll have jewelry that's like new! 

1. Clean. 

It takes under 10 minutes for a professional jeweler to run jewelry pieces through an ultrasonic cleaner. 

Pro Tip: Be careful of having delicate pieces like chains cleaned using this method. You may want to call ahead to ensure they will have someone there who can assist and set aside the time needed to ensure your piece is taken care of! 

2. Inspect.

Have you inherited a piece of jewelry or found a piece at a local thrift store that you want to learn more about? While a jewelry appraisal will cost you some cash, you can take the piece in to get inspected. This basically means that they tell you if there's anything wrong with the piece- if it may need a new clasp, if the plating is worn, if the chain is weak, etc. This will give you an initial understanding of the maintenance required for a piece. They of course will then make an offer to fix it for you for a fee. You can choose to taken them up on the offer, shop around, or just keep the info in your back pocket until you'ready to do something with your piece. Knowledge is power!  

3. Polish.

Similar to cleaning, you'd be surprised how quickly a simple polish can take your jewelry from plain to sparkly. There's nothing quite like walking around with clean jewelry. Just stop by a jewelry store and ask if they would be willing to polish your piece (typically rings). They may start talking up some products while you wait, but it's so worth it to have your piece returned to you as fresh as the day you received it. 

Have you had any luck getting free services for your jewelry? Share your experiences in the comments below and signup for the newsletter to stay up to date on the latest! 



5 Foolproof Tips for Gifting Jewelry

SPRING 2016Ayana MillerComment

Jewelry is a great gift for any occasion, however, you have to understand the person you're buying for in order to make sure it's a hit and not a miss! Here are 5 foolproof tips for gifting your girlfriends jewelry that will be sure to win you respect without spending a fortune.

1. Budget.

Avoid spending too much or too little for a piece. The best way to go about this is to decide up front how much you're willing to spend and do some research about the best quality jewelry you can afford in that price range. When you decide your budget upfront, you can go into higher-end stores and shop the sales with confidence and know that your friend will appreciate both the thought and quality of your gift. If you're really strapped for cash, keep an eye on sites like which offers money back on purchases. Who knew gifting would put money in your account!?!? 

2. Be Subjective.

Seriously, ladies (and gents). This one should be a given. Don't buy anything you wouldn't wear. Don't take this too literally though. While you and your friends may have different styles and tastes, when you're gifting, think about things that you'd want to receive. It's your chance to be picky! Think about how your friend asks your opinion when shopping- use that same perspective to make purchases for them! 

3. Observe.

Look for patterns in the person you're gifting jewelry to. Do they wear more gold or silver? Hoops or posts? If they've never worn a statement necklace in their life and haven't mentioned wanting to do so, then this occasion is not the time to think they'd like to branch out. Start taking notes of what they say they want and what they actually wear. The perfect gift will be a combination of both. 

4. Customize. 

Buying custom is a great way to show that you put thought and energy into a gift. It goes a step beyond saying, I got this at XYZ store. Custom gifts are unique and one-of-kind. They are a great way to get more bang for you buck. Try a site like and search for custom pieces. You can pretty much do anything you want with customizations- a name, birthday, birthstone, nickname, inside jokes, special dates. The possibilities are endless!  

Pro Tip: offers free customization on all applicable purchases and will include a personal note on all orders noted as gifts! 

5. Plan.

This may seem like an obvious tip as well, but you'd be surprised as to how many people wait until the very last moment to shop for gifts for the important people in their lives. It happens to everyone- time gets away and you find yourself without time to get the gift you truly want- the custom gift, the thing your friend really said they wanted but will take 5 days to arrive, being strategic to find out their ring size, etc.. The best workaround for this is to plan ahead. Set reminders on your phone for the months leading up to special gifting occasions and start making steps (like budgeting and shopping around) to make sure you have enough time to actually get an amazing gift! 

Have you ever gifted or received amazing jewelry? Share your stories below and be sure to sign up for the Love yanz newsletter so that you never miss the latest! 




A Beginner's Guide to Self-Love

WINTER 2016Ayana MillerComment

I started hand making "Love Yourself'" bangles as a physical token of encouragement for my girlfriends. I wanted them to be reminded  of their worth on a daily basis. In the chaos of everyday, it can be hard to stay positive and focused on long-term goals. I knew I needed a reminder and I didn't want to keep my self-love token a secret.  

Love Yanz bangles are a simple, but fashionable way to make a huge statement without saying a word. The #loveyourself movement is a reminder to make positive, self-affirmation a daily habit. 


Buy one for yourself, daughter, sister, niece, grandma, mom, girlfriends, and anyone else you love and want to stay encouraged. Each bracelet is hand crafted, stamped with love, and is personalized (for free!) just for you. 

Let's make self-love and affirmation a movement and use it to fuel us as we pursue our wildest dreams and ambitions


 Download a free guide to get started on your self-love journey




Educating the Heart

SUMMER 2015Ayana MillerComment
Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all
— Aristotle

Love Yanz recently participated in a 24-hour fabrication class at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. In addition to an awesome location in San Francisco, great instructors, and ample lab spaces (complete with tools and materials), the Academy also boasts an impressive list of internationally renowned alumni and master jewelers. 

The experience was a reminder that education in all forms is nourishment and can be enriching for both the mind and soul. The moment we stop learning is the moment we stop living. Aristotle notes that "educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." That means the education can happen simultaneously in the heart and mind and shouldn't be in competition with one another. Often, we see our trade-off as choosing between the mind and the heart, but when it comes to education, Aristotle, at least, thinks we should strive for both.



Here at Love Yanz, we educate our heart and mind through sharing designs that inspire us and (hopefully) you. Inspiration is at the heart (pun intended) of everything we create and thus why we included love in our name. Every creation is an interaction and exchange of elements that is a labor of love.

How are you balancing an education of your mind and heart? If you aren't seeing the results of your activities then it may be time to think about new ways to bring your education into balance.

Much Love,


Craft Fairs: Musings and Insights

SUMMER 2015Ayana MillerComment

This past weekend Love Yanz attended the Renegade Craft Show in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center. It was great to see other small businesses, designers, and brands putting their work on display and sharing their crafts with others. On Saturday, August 8th, Love Yanz will be presenting items from the Love Yanz Lookbook at the Jack of All Trades Fair at London Square. We took the show this past as an opportunity to note what to do during a craft fair for both participants and shoppers/observers. Believe it or not, the top 3 list can be applied to both groups!


  1. Be friendly! No one likes grumpy people and no one wants to buy or sell to grumpy people. Smile! Say hello and strike up a conversation. As a shop owner, it’s important to draw people into your shop. As a prospective owner, be curious about the shop owner and their development process.

  2. Respect the craft. People work hard and spend lots of money to prepare for craft shows. As a shop owner, you can show respect to other shop owners by not having a messy showing area, not playing music too loudly, and not having obnoxious scents. As a prospective buyer, you can show respect to the crafts by letting an artists know when you like their work and saving your harsher critiques until you’ve left the show. That’s not to say that designers don’t appreciate constructive feedback about new designs, colors, or other ideas you might have, but it’s inconsiderate to simply critique the work of designers because it doesn’t match your personal taste.

  3. Have fun! There were so many smiling faces at the show this past weekend. The atmosphere was high energy and infectious. That’s the enviornment we all want when we go to show as shop owners and prospective buyers. Let’s continue to cherish the opportunities to both buy and and sell and remember to always keep it an enjoyable experience.


Much Love,


Curating Your Jewelry Collection

SUMMER 2015Ayana MillerComment

When I was in high school, I had one necklace that I wore everyday. It was a vintage pendant necklace with a silver chain. It had just enough sparkle to get someone’s attention, but it was also appropriate for pretty much any occasion. It was very convenient because it matched all of my outfits and I never had to buy any jewelry. The popular jewelry accessory stores for teens (you know the ones I’m referring to) didn’t interest me because I was convinced that the jewelry would fall apart if I looked at it too long. To me, my choice of understated jewelry said, ”I care, but not too much.”

Fast forward to the present and my style hasn’t changed a lot. It wasn’t until many years post-high school that I started to categorize my style as “Classic,” but with a twist. More often than not, you will still catch me wearing a simple, silver necklace. I wear pearls earrings most days too. What’s the twist? The only change is that now I feel comfortable changing it up and adding color when my outfit calls for it. I’ll put on a statement necklace to make my outfit standout and I’m not afraid to play with color, texture, and sizes. You can even catch me looking for inspiration in the popular jewelry accessory stores.

Those same sentiments are what inspire the collections at Love Yanz. The pieces are a reflection of our creativity and colorful-side. For Love Yanz, jewelry is more than a statement about fashion. It’s a way to add expression into any environment. It’s both art and function. We are constantly curating our collections to make sure they reflect what we want to portray to the world. We change our profile pictures and update our resumes, so why not spend some time thinking about how to keep our jewelry relevant too?



Moving with Moxie

SUMMER 2015Ayana MillerComment

What do you think of when you hear the word moxie? Wearing a Moxie bracelet is a bold reminder to stay energized, motivated, and curious.  Merriam-Webster defines moxie as the following: 

1. Energy, Pep

2. Confidence or motivation

3. Know-How

We had all three definitions in mind when we created the Summer 2015 collection. First and foremost on our minds was the notion of energy. Energy is what fuels us to keep going and it awakens our senses. Our pep brings colors to our lives the way the Moxie bracelet brings color to an outfit. 

Spring 2015 Moxie Bracelet Collection

Spring 2015 Moxie Bracelet Collection

Having moxie is also about having confidence. It reminds me of the Lean In saying, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" Would you take a trip or write a book? What's keeping you from pursuing your dreams? What motivates you? Whatever it is, pursue full-force ahead. never stop moving and don't let fear stand in the way of your goals. 

Finally, moxie is about know-how. This can also be expanded to include know-who, what, where, when, and why. It doesn't mean you have to know everything. In fact, at Love Yanz, we think know-how is more about asking questions that get to the how. Know-how is about navigating your surroundings to learn so that you can share with others.