The Ultimate Self-Love Mantra Guide

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Do you love mantras and the power of positivity?

Or maybe you've just been curious about the methodology for quite some time and haven't gotten around to making any intentional and continuous change. 

If you follow Love Yanz, then you know my story of how I used (and am still using) mantra jewelry to transform my relationships, career, and finances.  Specifically how I've: 

  • Improved cocommunication in my relationships
  • Made thousands of dollars in less than 6 months with a hobby
  • Opened a franchise that is projected to gross over $1 million in sales this year

This isn't a gimmick or a get rich quick scheme. I'm no guru or life coach trying to upsell you a self-love training course, because it's unnecessary. The power already exists within you. The question is whether or not you'll learn to intentionally begin to tap into that power.   

Do you believe it?  Download the free guide to learn tips to act on it. 

Do you believe it?  Download the free guide to learn tips to act on it. 

The power of mantras are not just a myth. When intentionally applied, they can have a real impact on how you perceive the world and how the world perceives you. I could get into the subject of spiritual dimensions, vibrations, and what not, but I won't waste your time. If you're still reading, then chances are that you: 

1. Have experienced the power of mantras and want to go to the next level  


2. Have never experienced the power of mantras but are curious about how to get started

 So, what thoughts are holding you back right now? 



How to Rock a Bangle the right way

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Who doesn't love a cute bangle? It's a nice way to add a little pizazz to an otherwise plain wrist and outfit. However, we've all seen the case of bangle gone wrong- too many, too colorful, too thick, or just wrong. Here's a quick punchlist of how to wear a bangle the right way:

  1. Do stack. Mixing and matching is a great way to make your bangle stack stand out. Play with texture too! 
  2. Don't mix metals. Things can get tricky quickly, but one rule you'll likely want to follow is sticking to one metal- silver or gold are usually the most common. 
  3. Do wear bangle on both wrists. If you're going to stack, be sure to strike a balance. Both of your wrists want some love! 
  4. Don't go to mid-arm. Too many bangles can look like a mess! Instead, find a healthy balance just above the wrist. Preferences will vary, but it may be useful to use the weight or sounds as indicators of what will be comfortable for you! 



Love Yanz Basics: How To Remove Tarnish

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Even with the best intentions and care, jewelry will tarnish over time. Base metals  (the kind that most fast fashion/costume jewelry is made of) tends to go through this process much quicker than precious metals (14K gold, sterling silver, and platinum, for example) due to the chemical reactions that occur when metals are exposed to the air and chemicals in it. 

At Love Yanz, we embrace costume jewelry because we recognize its convenience for people who don't want to spend a fortune on a jewelry piece that they don't need long-term or don't plan to keep forever. It's our philosophy that some jewelry is meant to be fun and for the moment. Creating jewelry out of base metal allows for that flexibility at an affordable price.

If you're a savvy customer, you still expect to get the most bang for your buck. This means that you may have to dedicate some time (and a few resources) to keep your costume jewelry looking as great as the day you bought it. 

Exposing your jewelry to sun can cause damage over time, but there's one type of sunshine that's great for jewelry. Keep reading to find out more!

Exposing your jewelry to sun can cause damage over time, but there's one type of sunshine that's great for jewelry. Keep reading to find out more!

Here are a few at-home remedies for getting rid of tarnish: 

Sunshine Cloths (Our Pick)

Sunshine cloths are a professional jeweler's dream, but are easy for anyone to use. They are the secret to getting high shine with final effort. These professional cleaning cloths and their competitors have become more readily available in our direct to consumer culture. 

Pro Tip: You can buy sunshine cloths in bulk on They are super effective in cleaning and polishing simultaneously, but if you have multiple pieces, then you'll definitely want to grab more than a few. They turn a dark color as they clean and they cannot be washed. 


The acidity in ketchup makes it an ideal cleaning agent for fast removal of tarnish. The fact that most people have this ingredient at home helps too! Place the ketchup on a soft cloth and gently polish the piece; applying additional pressure in areas that are severely tarnished. Rinse any additional ketchup off with warm water and dry thoroughly.

Water, Salt and Baking Soda

Warm 3 parts water in an appropriately sized bowl for your jewelry piece. Mix in 1 part salt and 2 parts baking soda. Gently dip the piece in the bowl and mix to ensure the piece is submersed in the mixture. The piece should clean without much scrubbing, but follow up with a soft cloth as needed. As an alternative for heavy duty needs, try creating a paste out of the same ingredients and applying to areas in need of attention. Be sure to dry the piece thoroughly.

Pro Tip: There are few variations on this approach that you may want to try depending on your tarnish levels and available ingredients. One alternative is water, vinegar and salt. Be aware that vinegar is highly acidic! You shouldn't leave any jewelry in a vinegar bath for extended periods of time. 







Love Yanz Basics: How to Care for Copper Jewelry

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Take out a handful of pennies. It's likely the case that they vary in patina (color) and shade, Pennies are one of the most well-known real-life uses of copper. Copper is an attractive metal for money and for other items such as jewelry because of its price and durability. However, simply touching a solid copper item can cause it to patina (also referred to as discoloring). This process can be expedited by your body's own reactions (e.g. medications, perspiration, and general body chemistry). 

At Love Yanz, we prefer to use the term "patina" over discoloration because patina is a natural process that is highly desirable and sought after. In fact, some jewelers will use chemicals to create a patina effect. Love Yanz bangles include a dark lettering that is achieved by a process called oxidation that adds a dark patina to the entire piece. This is then buffed away during the final stages so that it is only left in the creases of each letter. The basic point is that while "patina" often gets a bad reputation because of a lack of understanding, it's actually controllable, reversible, and desirable in some cases!  


 One at-home method used to protect against copper patina upfront is to coat your jewelry piece with clear nail polish in the areas where the piece will come into contact with skin. It may seem weird, but it's effective! Be sure to let the piece dry thoroughly before wearing. Understand that just like any other prevention method, the coating will eventually wear off and will require refreshing. 

Pro Tip: If you purchase a piece of jewelry from Love yanz, all jewelry comes waxed. This wax coating same the purpose as the nail polish. Adding additional layers of coating such as nail provide additional coverage from elements such as your skin, exposure to the air, and other potential chemical reactions. 


If you already have a piece that requires maintenance, check out the Love Yanz Basics: How to Remove Tarnish to learn how to clean your piece and restore it to it's pre-patina state.