Craft Fair

Craft Fairs: Musings and Insights

SUMMER 2015Ayana MillerComment

This past weekend Love Yanz attended the Renegade Craft Show in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center. It was great to see other small businesses, designers, and brands putting their work on display and sharing their crafts with others. On Saturday, August 8th, Love Yanz will be presenting items from the Love Yanz Lookbook at the Jack of All Trades Fair at London Square. We took the show this past as an opportunity to note what to do during a craft fair for both participants and shoppers/observers. Believe it or not, the top 3 list can be applied to both groups!


  1. Be friendly! No one likes grumpy people and no one wants to buy or sell to grumpy people. Smile! Say hello and strike up a conversation. As a shop owner, it’s important to draw people into your shop. As a prospective owner, be curious about the shop owner and their development process.

  2. Respect the craft. People work hard and spend lots of money to prepare for craft shows. As a shop owner, you can show respect to other shop owners by not having a messy showing area, not playing music too loudly, and not having obnoxious scents. As a prospective buyer, you can show respect to the crafts by letting an artists know when you like their work and saving your harsher critiques until you’ve left the show. That’s not to say that designers don’t appreciate constructive feedback about new designs, colors, or other ideas you might have, but it’s inconsiderate to simply critique the work of designers because it doesn’t match your personal taste.

  3. Have fun! There were so many smiling faces at the show this past weekend. The atmosphere was high energy and infectious. That’s the enviornment we all want when we go to show as shop owners and prospective buyers. Let’s continue to cherish the opportunities to both buy and and sell and remember to always keep it an enjoyable experience.


Much Love,