Curating Your Jewelry Collection

SUMMER 2015Ayana MillerComment

When I was in high school, I had one necklace that I wore everyday. It was a vintage pendant necklace with a silver chain. It had just enough sparkle to get someone’s attention, but it was also appropriate for pretty much any occasion. It was very convenient because it matched all of my outfits and I never had to buy any jewelry. The popular jewelry accessory stores for teens (you know the ones I’m referring to) didn’t interest me because I was convinced that the jewelry would fall apart if I looked at it too long. To me, my choice of understated jewelry said, ”I care, but not too much.”

Fast forward to the present and my style hasn’t changed a lot. It wasn’t until many years post-high school that I started to categorize my style as “Classic,” but with a twist. More often than not, you will still catch me wearing a simple, silver necklace. I wear pearls earrings most days too. What’s the twist? The only change is that now I feel comfortable changing it up and adding color when my outfit calls for it. I’ll put on a statement necklace to make my outfit standout and I’m not afraid to play with color, texture, and sizes. You can even catch me looking for inspiration in the popular jewelry accessory stores.

Those same sentiments are what inspire the collections at Love Yanz. The pieces are a reflection of our creativity and colorful-side. For Love Yanz, jewelry is more than a statement about fashion. It’s a way to add expression into any environment. It’s both art and function. We are constantly curating our collections to make sure they reflect what we want to portray to the world. We change our profile pictures and update our resumes, so why not spend some time thinking about how to keep our jewelry relevant too?