5 Foolproof Tips for Gifting Jewelry

SPRING 2016Ayana MillerComment

Jewelry is a great gift for any occasion, however, you have to understand the person you're buying for in order to make sure it's a hit and not a miss! Here are 5 foolproof tips for gifting your girlfriends jewelry that will be sure to win you respect without spending a fortune.

1. Budget.

Avoid spending too much or too little for a piece. The best way to go about this is to decide up front how much you're willing to spend and do some research about the best quality jewelry you can afford in that price range. When you decide your budget upfront, you can go into higher-end stores and shop the sales with confidence and know that your friend will appreciate both the thought and quality of your gift. If you're really strapped for cash, keep an eye on sites like which offers money back on purchases. Who knew gifting would put money in your account!?!? 

2. Be Subjective.

Seriously, ladies (and gents). This one should be a given. Don't buy anything you wouldn't wear. Don't take this too literally though. While you and your friends may have different styles and tastes, when you're gifting, think about things that you'd want to receive. It's your chance to be picky! Think about how your friend asks your opinion when shopping- use that same perspective to make purchases for them! 

3. Observe.

Look for patterns in the person you're gifting jewelry to. Do they wear more gold or silver? Hoops or posts? If they've never worn a statement necklace in their life and haven't mentioned wanting to do so, then this occasion is not the time to think they'd like to branch out. Start taking notes of what they say they want and what they actually wear. The perfect gift will be a combination of both. 

4. Customize. 

Buying custom is a great way to show that you put thought and energy into a gift. It goes a step beyond saying, I got this at XYZ store. Custom gifts are unique and one-of-kind. They are a great way to get more bang for you buck. Try a site like and search for custom pieces. You can pretty much do anything you want with customizations- a name, birthday, birthstone, nickname, inside jokes, special dates. The possibilities are endless!  

Pro Tip: offers free customization on all applicable purchases and will include a personal note on all orders noted as gifts! 

5. Plan.

This may seem like an obvious tip as well, but you'd be surprised as to how many people wait until the very last moment to shop for gifts for the important people in their lives. It happens to everyone- time gets away and you find yourself without time to get the gift you truly want- the custom gift, the thing your friend really said they wanted but will take 5 days to arrive, being strategic to find out their ring size, etc.. The best workaround for this is to plan ahead. Set reminders on your phone for the months leading up to special gifting occasions and start making steps (like budgeting and shopping around) to make sure you have enough time to actually get an amazing gift! 

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