Monday Mantra: 3 Weird but Effective Strategies for Negotiating Anything

Ayana MillerComment

Have you ever known someone who always seems to get exactly what they want? These people have a way of talking to people that convinces others that their interests are aligned. It's an amazing skill that anyone can start building. But like anything, it takes practice! Here are some weird ways to negotiate like a bawse!

1. Think 'Yes'. 

If you want someone to say "yes" to you, then you have to put them in the mindset of saying yes. The trick to this technique is to make the approach seem as natural as possible. Here's the setup: Let's say you want a raise at work. You could just come right and ask for it or you could start a conversation that makes your boss consider why you deserve it. Ask questions that will put your boss in a yes frame of mind: Have you been pleased with my work over this past performance cycle? Do you value me as an employee? Do you think there are ways for me to make big or small improvements that will get us to the company's goals?  You get the gist. Of course, you don't want to just run down a list of questions that your boss will be forced to say yes to. Work these positive framed questions into everyday conversations and you'll begin to notice a difference in how people respond to and interact with you! 

2. Go Overboard.

There's a great book by Linda Babcock called, "Women Don't Ask" that discusses the costs of women avoiding negotiation in various aspects of their life. Women often times don't ask for what they want and therefore don't receive it! This trick is "weird" because for many women, it will be outside of their comfort zones. Women don't ask at all so how in the world can they be expected to ask for more than they want!?!?! Crazy, right? Well, not really...Ask for more than you want in order to negotiate to what you actually want. You can start by asking for not so crazy requests like free samples, deals, discounts, specials, etc. Then work your way up to more serious negotiations like salary, rent, and promotions. Imagine the sky is the limit and then see what you can negotiate from there.   

3. Walk Away.

The first thing you should understand about this technique is that it won't work in every circumstance. If you've ever shopped for a car, then you will understand how this technique can be effective. You're in the car lot and the salesperson is making you crazy offers. You've already explained what you're looking for and how much you're willing to spend. Yet they keep showing you everything you don't want.  When you threaten to walk away, you have the upper hand. 9/10 out of ten they will show you something that's exactly (or close to) exactly what you want. Mission accomplished!

Pro Tip: You should only use this technique when you have time to haggle and nothing to lose if you actually end up having to walk away.  

Here's your mantra for this week: 

I am negotiating things into my favor at work, in my business, at school and in my life. I am bold in what I ask for and am confident that my requests will be heard and acted upon. 

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