3 Surprisingly Free Jewelry Services

SPRING 2016Ayana MillerComment

Although most things in life aren't free, there are some jewelry services that actually are offered at no charge to you! Why? It's simple. These services are an opportunity for jewelry stores to get you to come in and look around. Plus, it feels so special and exclusive.  The free services are low cost to them since they have the tools and materials in stock anyway, but it shows that they care about their customers. You don't even have to own jewelry from the store to have them do this work! However, the pieces you ask them to service should be quality pieces (sterling silver, gold, rose gold etc.) Nice perk, right? 

Try out these free services at a fine jewelry store the next time you're at your local mall. Your friends will be impressed with your knowledge of fine jewelry services and you'll have jewelry that's like new! 

1. Clean. 

It takes under 10 minutes for a professional jeweler to run jewelry pieces through an ultrasonic cleaner. 

Pro Tip: Be careful of having delicate pieces like chains cleaned using this method. You may want to call ahead to ensure they will have someone there who can assist and set aside the time needed to ensure your piece is taken care of! 

2. Inspect.

Have you inherited a piece of jewelry or found a piece at a local thrift store that you want to learn more about? While a jewelry appraisal will cost you some cash, you can take the piece in to get inspected. This basically means that they tell you if there's anything wrong with the piece- if it may need a new clasp, if the plating is worn, if the chain is weak, etc. This will give you an initial understanding of the maintenance required for a piece. They of course will then make an offer to fix it for you for a fee. You can choose to taken them up on the offer, shop around, or just keep the info in your back pocket until you'ready to do something with your piece. Knowledge is power!  

3. Polish.

Similar to cleaning, you'd be surprised how quickly a simple polish can take your jewelry from plain to sparkly. There's nothing quite like walking around with clean jewelry. Just stop by a jewelry store and ask if they would be willing to polish your piece (typically rings). They may start talking up some products while you wait, but it's so worth it to have your piece returned to you as fresh as the day you received it. 

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