Making Custom Bachelorette Tumblers with the Cricut Air Explore

LOVE YANZ BASICSAyana MillerComment

To help one of my good friends celebrate her last hurrah as a single woman, we celebrated in Miami! 

I was on the committee charged with planning the bachelorette activities and I was personally one of two people responsible for party decorations. What’s a woman to do?

I broke out my Cricut Air Explore and quickly got to work on some fun tumblers that I picked up from the Dollar Tree! The tumblers were actually 4 for $1. With over a dozen girls RSVP’d for the party, this felt like the perfect opportunity to DIY. 


I used “Boink Com” from the Cricut Design Space fonts and attached the font for my driend’s Name. 

Once the cut was complete, I went through the weeding process to remove all the negative spaces. 

Next, I attached the vinyl to the Dollar Treet tumblers. 

I also picked up a special tumbler especially for the bachelorette! For hers, I added glitter vinyl to accentuate the pretty colors in the glas. 

Pro Tip: When using glitter vinyl, be sure to use the strong drip transfer tape. I forgot this step and had extra work to do trying to remove the wax paper from the vinyl. It was a nightmare I never want to repeat again! 

Here was the final result: