Monday Mantra: An Epic Formula to Fulfilling Your Wildest Dreams

Ayana MillerComment

It's the start of another week. What does that mean for you? It doesn't have to be just like any other week. What are your plans this week to move you closer to your long-term goals and dreams? You may have professional goals, academic goals, health or other goals you'd like to achieve over the next few months. Love Yanz is about fulfilling your wildest dreams though positive self affirmation and that will require some goal setting.  Here's one formula you can use to get you closer to your dreams: 

Specific + Measurable + Actionable + Realistic + Timebound = SMART

Using SMART goals will keep you accountable to yourself regardless of what phase you're in towards reaching your goals. 

Specific. You want to answer the who and what of your goal. Instead of saying, "I want to be rich," you'd say, "By my next birthday, I want to save $20,000 to purchase a Chloe bag".

Measurable. This is about setting criteria that will allow you to check your progress over time. If your next birthday or bikini season isn't for another 11 months, then you know you can set monthly goals and have periodic check-ins to see where you are towards your goal. 

Actionable. You should set goals that are actually withi your ability to control. Actionable goals are things you can do to get you closer to you goals. Maybe it's finding a part-time job to help you save or signing up for a gym membership. 

Realistic. Closely related to actionable, money or a get health fast pill isn't just going to fall from the sky. You have to work towards your goals, so make sure you make your goals realistic. That's totally different than selling yourself short. In fact, it's the exact opposite! By setting realistic goals, you are setting yourself up for success and will give you the confidence to keep going once you realize that your goals are attainable. 

Timebound. This variable has already been mentioned throughout the formula. If a teacher never sets a date on a homework assignment, then what would help determine when it should be submitted? Time is constantly going, so the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to set deadlines and stick to them. 

Have you applied to this formula to any life goals you've faced? Feel free to share in the comments.


Here's your mantra for the week: 

I am grateful for all that is unfolding in my life and all that is yet to come. 

Start practicing mantras on a daily basis to encourage positive, internal thought. Need help getting started?

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