Monday Mantra: Getting Smart on Marketing

Summer 2016Ayana MillerComment

Whether you're still in the idea phase, just starting out in a business, or have been a businesswoman for years, you've heard at least once by now how important marketing is to your success. 

Marketing is simply a way to get your business attention and get more people to know and understand your brand and its promises. 

There are many ways to do marketing, but some are smarter than others. Here are a few ways to get smart on marketing without having to make a ton of changes to your current operations. 

1. Get Active on Social Media.

Even if you just choose one platform to focus on, become an expert on that one platform. Join an online group that is devoted to discussions around how to use that platform to grow your business. These groups are often called "masterminds" and are easily accessible. Go deep on the various tactics that you can use to market your product or service on that platform. You'd be surprised about the resources that are freely available, if you're willing to do some research. 

2. Donate Products/Services.

Is there a person on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube that you think would be an excellent ambassador for your product? If they have a business e-mail listed on their about page, then they likely are open to collaborations! Be prepared for rejections, but also be ready to embrace the number of acceptances you receive. After some time, you may start getting requests! 

3. Focus on Quality. 

Don't sacrifice the quality of your products or services for anyone. Your brand will be tied to what you provide, so make sure it's topnotch. That is the best marketing you can gift yourself! 

Here's you mantra for the week: 

“I am not who I’m going to be. I am always becoming.”