3 Tricks to Get High End Jewelry For Less

Ayana MillerComment



The secret is out! Buying high end jewelry doesn't have to mean cleaning out your piggy bank. Keep reading to learn some sneaky secrets for finding deals on high end jewelry for cheaper. 

  1. Buy it abroad. This will require a bit of math skills, but can save you huge bucks in the long run! Are you planning a trip? If so, find out what the conversion rates are and keep it mind when you're shopping abroad. Since the markets are different, you may find that the piece you've been eyeing for a while is actually cheaper to buy abroad. 
  2. Wait a season. While its not the sexiest advice, the savviest divas can always appreciate a deal. In fact, the discounts you can get by waiting a season may actually be considered a steal!
  3. Shop around. Again, it doesn't sound attractive, but you may find deep discounts if you can find the next best alternative. Many women are turning down diamonds in exchange for man-made stones which are cheaper and more humane. 

What's your secret to finding luxe jewelry for less? Let us know in the comments below!