5 Jewelry Trends You Should Know About

SPRING 2016Ayana MillerComment

1. Mix & Match.

The line between high-end (also known as fine) jewelry and costume jewelry is blurring. Some companies are beginning to encourage customers to mix and match high end pieces with low end pieces. For instance, you shouldn't be afraid to pair $10,000 worth of fine jewelry with an H&M dress. (see Helen Hunt at the Academy Awards in 2013).

2. Brand It.

What's branded jewelry, you ask? It's basically any jewelry you associate with a brand name. Think: Tiffany's, Cartier, Hermes, etc. In past decades, estate or heirloom jewelry was considered "in", but the influx of new money into the jewelry market has ushered in an era of branded jewelry. So go ahead, embrace this trend of branded jewelry. Our guess is that it's here to stay a while. 

3. Wrap It.

While stacked pieces are a very "now" look, it can be difficult to pull off successfully on a budget. One approach is to wear a single piece that gives the appearance of stacking. Wrapped rings, wrapped bracelets, and even wrapped necklaces can help anyone pull off the stacked look without having to buy a bunch of difference accessories. For instance, check out the Love Yanz sterling silver scandal ring for some inspiration.

4. Pick Any Decade.

Don't let the latest fashion magazines fool you with their chatter about what decade is hot right now. Channeling the fashion of any decade is always a fabulous fashion choice when done right. Every fashion season you'll hear that this or that decade is in. And while it may certainly dominate (take the 70s, 80s, and 90s throwback styes), the truth is that styles of every decade are always being recycled. Pick accessories from decades that resonate with your personal style and run with it!

5. Run, Reach, Climb.

Ear climbers are hot right now. These earrings are a great way to dress up the entire length of your ear lobe, which has apparently been feeling abandoned. Our advice is to have fun with these pieces. Unless you have a very relaxed work enviornment, you'll likely be wearing your earclimbers on the weekends, so you might as well have some fun!

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