Making Custom Bachelorette Tumblers with the Cricut Air Explore

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To help one of my good friends celebrate her last hurrah as a single woman, we celebrated in Miami! 

I was on the committee charged with planning the bachelorette activities and I was personally one of two people responsible for party decorations. What’s a woman to do?

I broke out my Cricut Air Explore and quickly got to work on some fun tumblers that I picked up from the Dollar Tree! The tumblers were actually 4 for $1. With over a dozen girls RSVP’d for the party, this felt like the perfect opportunity to DIY. 


I used “Boink Com” from the Cricut Design Space fonts and attached the font for my driend’s Name. 

Once the cut was complete, I went through the weeding process to remove all the negative spaces. 

Next, I attached the vinyl to the Dollar Treet tumblers. 

I also picked up a special tumbler especially for the bachelorette! For hers, I added glitter vinyl to accentuate the pretty colors in the glas. 

Pro Tip: When using glitter vinyl, be sure to use the strong drip transfer tape. I forgot this step and had extra work to do trying to remove the wax paper from the vinyl. It was a nightmare I never want to repeat again! 

Here was the final result: 


3 Tricks to Get High End Jewelry For Less

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The secret is out! Buying high end jewelry doesn't have to mean cleaning out your piggy bank. Keep reading to learn some sneaky secrets for finding deals on high end jewelry for cheaper. 

  1. Buy it abroad. This will require a bit of math skills, but can save you huge bucks in the long run! Are you planning a trip? If so, find out what the conversion rates are and keep it mind when you're shopping abroad. Since the markets are different, you may find that the piece you've been eyeing for a while is actually cheaper to buy abroad. 
  2. Wait a season. While its not the sexiest advice, the savviest divas can always appreciate a deal. In fact, the discounts you can get by waiting a season may actually be considered a steal!
  3. Shop around. Again, it doesn't sound attractive, but you may find deep discounts if you can find the next best alternative. Many women are turning down diamonds in exchange for man-made stones which are cheaper and more humane. 

What's your secret to finding luxe jewelry for less? Let us know in the comments below! 

The Ultimate Self-Love Mantra Guide

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Do you love mantras and the power of positivity?

Or maybe you've just been curious about the methodology for quite some time and haven't gotten around to making any intentional and continuous change. 

If you follow Love Yanz, then you know my story of how I used (and am still using) mantra jewelry to transform my relationships, career, and finances.  Specifically how I've: 

  • Improved cocommunication in my relationships
  • Made thousands of dollars in less than 6 months with a hobby
  • Opened a franchise that is projected to gross over $1 million in sales this year

This isn't a gimmick or a get rich quick scheme. I'm no guru or life coach trying to upsell you a self-love training course, because it's unnecessary. The power already exists within you. The question is whether or not you'll learn to intentionally begin to tap into that power.   

Do you believe it?  Download the free guide to learn tips to act on it. 

Do you believe it?  Download the free guide to learn tips to act on it. 

The power of mantras are not just a myth. When intentionally applied, they can have a real impact on how you perceive the world and how the world perceives you. I could get into the subject of spiritual dimensions, vibrations, and what not, but I won't waste your time. If you're still reading, then chances are that you: 

1. Have experienced the power of mantras and want to go to the next level  


2. Have never experienced the power of mantras but are curious about how to get started

 So, what thoughts are holding you back right now? 



How to Rock a Bangle the right way

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Who doesn't love a cute bangle? It's a nice way to add a little pizazz to an otherwise plain wrist and outfit. However, we've all seen the case of bangle gone wrong- too many, too colorful, too thick, or just wrong. Here's a quick punchlist of how to wear a bangle the right way:

  1. Do stack. Mixing and matching is a great way to make your bangle stack stand out. Play with texture too! 
  2. Don't mix metals. Things can get tricky quickly, but one rule you'll likely want to follow is sticking to one metal- silver or gold are usually the most common. 
  3. Do wear bangle on both wrists. If you're going to stack, be sure to strike a balance. Both of your wrists want some love! 
  4. Don't go to mid-arm. Too many bangles can look like a mess! Instead, find a healthy balance just above the wrist. Preferences will vary, but it may be useful to use the weight or sounds as indicators of what will be comfortable for you! 



How to Wear Midi Rings the Right Way

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Midi rings are SO cute! What's not to love? They are on trend and the Love Yanz prediction is that they are here to stay for at least a little while. So if you haven't grabbed some midi rings yet (or even if you have), here's what you should know about stacking and wearing midi rings.

Not Too Heavy

Midi rings should be light on your fingers. Many of the popular styles emphasize this. They are often thinner than standard rings and are lightweight. Most of us will still have to do daily tasks that involve using our hands, so function is key! Don't weigh your fingers down with anything that's too bulky.

Pro Tip: Check out the Love Yanz signature mid rings for styling examples.

Not Too Many

Balance is key with midi rings. One ring is fine, but multiples are even better! The trick is to spread them out across you hands and fingers. Along with taking the previous tip of not making them too heavy, you will get more mileage if you wear them at different heights.

Have Fun

Play with colors, metals, and designs. Geometric shapes are in style along with tribal patterns and themes. Don't be afraid to mix and match gold and silver and rose gold either!

Pro Tip: Check out the Love Yanz guide to wearing silver and gold for more tips on mixing and matching metals.



Monday Mantra: Getting Smart on Marketing

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Whether you're still in the idea phase, just starting out in a business, or have been a businesswoman for years, you've heard at least once by now how important marketing is to your success. 

Marketing is simply a way to get your business attention and get more people to know and understand your brand and its promises. 

There are many ways to do marketing, but some are smarter than others. Here are a few ways to get smart on marketing without having to make a ton of changes to your current operations. 

1. Get Active on Social Media.

Even if you just choose one platform to focus on, become an expert on that one platform. Join an online group that is devoted to discussions around how to use that platform to grow your business. These groups are often called "masterminds" and are easily accessible. Go deep on the various tactics that you can use to market your product or service on that platform. You'd be surprised about the resources that are freely available, if you're willing to do some research. 

2. Donate Products/Services.

Is there a person on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube that you think would be an excellent ambassador for your product? If they have a business e-mail listed on their about page, then they likely are open to collaborations! Be prepared for rejections, but also be ready to embrace the number of acceptances you receive. After some time, you may start getting requests! 

3. Focus on Quality. 

Don't sacrifice the quality of your products or services for anyone. Your brand will be tied to what you provide, so make sure it's topnotch. That is the best marketing you can gift yourself! 

Here's you mantra for the week: 

“I am not who I’m going to be. I am always becoming.”



10 Ways to Ruin Your Jewelry

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There are more than a few ways to guarantee that your jewelry will get ruined. It may not happen immediately, but doing any of these actvities repeatedly guarantees that you'll increase the likelihood of destroying your jewelry. Keep reading below to see what not to do.

1. Leave it out in the sun: Just like direct sunlight can do damage to your skin, the same is true with jewelry. Skip wearing jewelry when you suntan or are otherwise out in the sun for extended periods of time. 

2. Put it on before you do your makeup: Makeup contains chemicals and chemicals can cause reactions in your jewelry. The best way to do the least amount of damage is to apply your jewelry and then apply your jewelry. Overtime, the makeup you wear daily will transfer to your jewelry, but applying it before you out on jewelry will keep it cleaner slightly longer. 

3. Clean up with it on: Cleaning agents you use to remove serious dirt will definitely wreak havoc on your jewelry. Avoid wearing your favorite pieces at all costs while you do laundry, wash dishes, clean the shower and any other household cleaning activities. 

4. Let others borrow it: One of the quickest ways to ruin your jewelry is to lend it out to someone who doesn't appreciate it nearly as much as you do. It doesn't matter if you spent $1 on it or $100- it's yours and no one else will quite respect it the way you do. 

5. Fail to get it re-sized: If you're going to purchase a piece for keeps, then make sure you take the steps to get sized to fit you properly. While a ring that's too small won't get ruined, you definitely won't be able to wear it for very long without getting frustrated. If it's too big, then chances are high that it will fall off and at a time when you least expect it. 

Pro Tip: Don't have cash to get it re-sized? There are cheap re-size options called ring snuggies, adjusters, cuddles, noodles, and a few other names. These temporary solutions offer a way to secure a loss ring without having to shell out money for a custom re-size. 

6. Bend it/twist it out of shape: Jewelry is made out of natural elements that occur in nature. Everyday wear and tear is going to happen. But you can make it worse by constantly bending it. Some jewelry will necessarily require some manipulation, but where at all possible, try to slip on pieces as opposed to constantly changing their share. Eventually, this will either harden the metal and/or cause it break. 

7. Workout with it on: There's just so much that can go wrong. From getting starched to getting caught and causing serious injury to your jewelry or even you, it's best to shred any accessories before getting your workout on. 

8. Never clean it: While you don't want to clean your apartment with your jewelry on, you also don't want to never clean your jewelry appropriately. Check out the Love Yanz basic guide to removing tarnish for starters.

9. Swim in it. While you may see the latest fashion spread with a model wearing diamonds in a pool, this is definitely not the way to go. The chlorine in the water can cause a chemical reaction in metals and stones. The same is true for beaches where the salt content can have negative effects on your jewelry. 

10. Use it for unintended purposes. Your favorite necklace isn't meant to be worn as a body chain or a headdress or anklet. Doing so can put stress on your pieces that the design cannot account for. Always be sure to purchase pieces that you plan to wear for the stated purpose. 


Have you ever ruined a piece of jewel that you loved? Share your story in the comments and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for all of the latest. 



How to Use a Statement Necklace to Stand Out in the Right Way

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Love statement necklaces? You're in luck!

Statement necklaces are all over the place right now and are a fabulous way to take a simple outfit up about a thousand notches. In fact, that's part of the secret to you wearing the necklace versus the necklace wearing you!

Your statement necklace speaks a thousand words. Regardless of whether it's multi-colored, short or long, thick, thin or in-between, the necklace is putting in work, so let it do its job and keep everything else simple.


The best way to contrast a statement necklace is with a complimenting color. Black on silver, black on gold, color block on color block. Give your piece a complimenting fabric (via your blouse or dress) that will make it pop. Patterns may work, but proceed with caution! 


If you decide that you want to wear a statement necklace, then you must make that your priority accessory. Skip huge earrings, big bracelets, and other accessories like hats or scarves that may create a distraction. You want the focus on you wearing the necklace and nothing else. 


Size matters. Always. While it may seem that "Bigger is better" when it comes to statement necklaces, that is not necessarily the case. Your statement necklace should be proportional to the rest of your outfit and body. If you're petite, don't try to pull off anything too huge. If you've got broad shoulders, opt for a statement necklace that will accentuate your features as opposed to conceal them. 






Monday Mantra: An Epic Formula to Fulfilling Your Wildest Dreams

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It's the start of another week. What does that mean for you? It doesn't have to be just like any other week. What are your plans this week to move you closer to your long-term goals and dreams? You may have professional goals, academic goals, health or other goals you'd like to achieve over the next few months. Love Yanz is about fulfilling your wildest dreams though positive self affirmation and that will require some goal setting.  Here's one formula you can use to get you closer to your dreams: 

Specific + Measurable + Actionable + Realistic + Timebound = SMART

Using SMART goals will keep you accountable to yourself regardless of what phase you're in towards reaching your goals. 

Specific. You want to answer the who and what of your goal. Instead of saying, "I want to be rich," you'd say, "By my next birthday, I want to save $20,000 to purchase a Chloe bag".

Measurable. This is about setting criteria that will allow you to check your progress over time. If your next birthday or bikini season isn't for another 11 months, then you know you can set monthly goals and have periodic check-ins to see where you are towards your goal. 

Actionable. You should set goals that are actually withi your ability to control. Actionable goals are things you can do to get you closer to you goals. Maybe it's finding a part-time job to help you save or signing up for a gym membership. 

Realistic. Closely related to actionable, money or a get health fast pill isn't just going to fall from the sky. You have to work towards your goals, so make sure you make your goals realistic. That's totally different than selling yourself short. In fact, it's the exact opposite! By setting realistic goals, you are setting yourself up for success and will give you the confidence to keep going once you realize that your goals are attainable. 

Timebound. This variable has already been mentioned throughout the formula. If a teacher never sets a date on a homework assignment, then what would help determine when it should be submitted? Time is constantly going, so the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to set deadlines and stick to them. 

Have you applied to this formula to any life goals you've faced? Feel free to share in the comments.


Here's your mantra for the week: 

I am grateful for all that is unfolding in my life and all that is yet to come. 

Start practicing mantras on a daily basis to encourage positive, internal thought. Need help getting started?

 Download the free self-love mantra guide to get started. 



How to Wear Silver and Gold Jewelry at the Same Time

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Have you ever wanted to wear a gold ring, but you already decided on a silver statement necklace because it went perfectly with you outfit and you just don't think it looks "right"? Or do you feel like you have to wear silver rings the rest of your life because your wedding ring is silver? Stop. Breathe. It's going to be ok.  

Because guess what? The fashion police are not going to come after you. The rule book is pretty much out the window on this one. 

Fashion (and especially accessories!) are meant to be fun. Nevertheless, here are some simple guidelines to consider as you rock multiple metal hues: 

Limit yourself to 2-3 different metal colors.

While it's ok to throw the rule book out, you don't want to go too crazy with your newfound freedom. Gold and silver are a nice combo as well as rose gold and gold or rose gold and silver. When you start mixing more 4 or more metals, you may take away from every individual piece. 

Maintain a theme.

Remember in science class when you had the independent variables (the thing "I" change) and the dependent variables (the things that change on their own)? Well, that's coming back (Sorta). While it's fine to play around with color, you don't want to go over board with other variables, like the styles you choose. Let's use rings as an example.  There should be some obvious themes if you decide to wear multiple rings of various metals. Maybe they are all simple, wire rings or thin midi rings or double rings. Just make sure you keep some elements consistent since you are changing

Keep it balanced.

Following closely to the importance of theme is the importance of balance. Try wearing the rings on different fingers of your hands and spreading them out in a way that looks and feels balanced to you. If you're wearing a large statement necklace, then opt for simpler rings or bangles if they are a different metal color. It's an art, not a science, so go with what feels right to you! This is supposed to be fun, after all. 

Have you played around with different metal colors with your jewelry? Feel free to leave a comment below or share some pics on Instagram and tag @loveyanzjewelry in your post. 



3 Surprisingly Free Jewelry Services

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Although most things in life aren't free, there are some jewelry services that actually are offered at no charge to you! Why? It's simple. These services are an opportunity for jewelry stores to get you to come in and look around. Plus, it feels so special and exclusive.  The free services are low cost to them since they have the tools and materials in stock anyway, but it shows that they care about their customers. You don't even have to own jewelry from the store to have them do this work! However, the pieces you ask them to service should be quality pieces (sterling silver, gold, rose gold etc.) Nice perk, right? 

Try out these free services at a fine jewelry store the next time you're at your local mall. Your friends will be impressed with your knowledge of fine jewelry services and you'll have jewelry that's like new! 

1. Clean. 

It takes under 10 minutes for a professional jeweler to run jewelry pieces through an ultrasonic cleaner. 

Pro Tip: Be careful of having delicate pieces like chains cleaned using this method. You may want to call ahead to ensure they will have someone there who can assist and set aside the time needed to ensure your piece is taken care of! 

2. Inspect.

Have you inherited a piece of jewelry or found a piece at a local thrift store that you want to learn more about? While a jewelry appraisal will cost you some cash, you can take the piece in to get inspected. This basically means that they tell you if there's anything wrong with the piece- if it may need a new clasp, if the plating is worn, if the chain is weak, etc. This will give you an initial understanding of the maintenance required for a piece. They of course will then make an offer to fix it for you for a fee. You can choose to taken them up on the offer, shop around, or just keep the info in your back pocket until you'ready to do something with your piece. Knowledge is power!  

3. Polish.

Similar to cleaning, you'd be surprised how quickly a simple polish can take your jewelry from plain to sparkly. There's nothing quite like walking around with clean jewelry. Just stop by a jewelry store and ask if they would be willing to polish your piece (typically rings). They may start talking up some products while you wait, but it's so worth it to have your piece returned to you as fresh as the day you received it. 

Have you had any luck getting free services for your jewelry? Share your experiences in the comments below and signup for the newsletter to stay up to date on the latest! 



Monday Mantra: 3 Weird but Effective Strategies for Negotiating Anything

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Have you ever known someone who always seems to get exactly what they want? These people have a way of talking to people that convinces others that their interests are aligned. It's an amazing skill that anyone can start building. But like anything, it takes practice! Here are some weird ways to negotiate like a bawse!

1. Think 'Yes'. 

If you want someone to say "yes" to you, then you have to put them in the mindset of saying yes. The trick to this technique is to make the approach seem as natural as possible. Here's the setup: Let's say you want a raise at work. You could just come right and ask for it or you could start a conversation that makes your boss consider why you deserve it. Ask questions that will put your boss in a yes frame of mind: Have you been pleased with my work over this past performance cycle? Do you value me as an employee? Do you think there are ways for me to make big or small improvements that will get us to the company's goals?  You get the gist. Of course, you don't want to just run down a list of questions that your boss will be forced to say yes to. Work these positive framed questions into everyday conversations and you'll begin to notice a difference in how people respond to and interact with you! 

2. Go Overboard.

There's a great book by Linda Babcock called, "Women Don't Ask" that discusses the costs of women avoiding negotiation in various aspects of their life. Women often times don't ask for what they want and therefore don't receive it! This trick is "weird" because for many women, it will be outside of their comfort zones. Women don't ask at all so how in the world can they be expected to ask for more than they want!?!?! Crazy, right? Well, not really...Ask for more than you want in order to negotiate to what you actually want. You can start by asking for not so crazy requests like free samples, deals, discounts, specials, etc. Then work your way up to more serious negotiations like salary, rent, and promotions. Imagine the sky is the limit and then see what you can negotiate from there.   

3. Walk Away.

The first thing you should understand about this technique is that it won't work in every circumstance. If you've ever shopped for a car, then you will understand how this technique can be effective. You're in the car lot and the salesperson is making you crazy offers. You've already explained what you're looking for and how much you're willing to spend. Yet they keep showing you everything you don't want.  When you threaten to walk away, you have the upper hand. 9/10 out of ten they will show you something that's exactly (or close to) exactly what you want. Mission accomplished!

Pro Tip: You should only use this technique when you have time to haggle and nothing to lose if you actually end up having to walk away.  

Here's your mantra for this week: 

I am negotiating things into my favor at work, in my business, at school and in my life. I am bold in what I ask for and am confident that my requests will be heard and acted upon. 

Download your free guide to self-love mantras here.  



How to Find Fine Jewelry that Won’t Break the Bank

SPRING 2016Ayana MillerComment

There's no doubt that buying inexpensive jewelry has it's perks:

- You can always afford to have the latest fashion and styles to go with every outfit and style you can imagine

- There is very little, if any, maintenance needed

- If you lose or break the piece, it's easy to replace it or move on

However, there may come a time when you want to treat yourself. Maybe it's to celebrate a special occasion like landing your dream job or buying a piece for your wedding that you'll want to pass down in your family. Whatever the occasion, you should know that finding a high end piece of jewelry doesn't have to mean handing over your entire life-savings to a jewelry store. 

Here's how to approach shopping for nice jewelry pieces that won't break the bank: 

Focus on one accessory.

Unlike walking into your favorite department store and picking out an outfit, shoes, jewelry, and grabbing some candy from the checkout line, finding a nice piece of jewelry will require some planning. It's unlikely that you will build your entire jewelry collection all at one time (although that's awesome if you can!) Pick one key accessory you want to wear as a staple piece of jewelry or that you'll enjoy wearing for special occasions. Is it a cocktail ring with a gemstone, a diamond necklace for formal events, or a pair of pearl earrings for everyday wear? Narrow your accessory goals to what makes sense for your immediate needs and budget (see number 3 for more on this point). 

Research respected brands.

We're all familiar with Tiffany's and Kay's, but there are so many talented jewelry artists and companies that can offer you quality pieces without paying for the brand name. Once you know that you're looking for quality pearl earrings, for instance, it's easier to search who's who in the pearl earring industry and learn more about your options. For instance, for pearls alone, you have the option of type (ahoy, freshwater, tahitian, south sea), color- often referred to as the body color (black, white, white rose, pink, gold, and silver), shape (round, off round, semi-baroque, oval and teardrop), size, and smoothness. 

Pro tip: Any reputable jewelry company will provide some education about the options available and explain why they offer the services that they do. Ask questions! If you don't like the responses, then keep shopping!

Determine your non-negotiables.  

As your research deepens, you will begin to get a better understanding of the market for your piece. You'll learn what the high end of the market includes as well as some options you may not have realized you had. Ultimately you will have to decide what are non-negotiables for you. For instance, does the roughness of a pearl matter to you? The smoother a pearl, the higher the cost. If you can handle a pearl that is rougher, then you're going to find cheaper options- without sacrificing overall quality! This pearl will last forever regardless of how rough it is. On the other hand, if you want a rare, very smooth conch pearl, then you may have to keep saving or searching until you find a brand that can provide exactly what you're looking for. 

Splurge (wisely)!

Now that you've done your research and determined your non-negotiables for your special piece, you are ready to approach the jewelry stores you know will carry exactly what you're looking for. You will know what questions to ask and will help the jewelers identify the best options for you. You may even find that they offer seasonal discounts, promotions, or have an annual sale on the exact item you're looking for. All the planning and research you've done to this point will make the purchase that more meaningful. 

Have you already started purchasing fine jewelry? What steps did you take to in order to ensure that you were getting the most value for your money? Share your comments and experiences in the comments section below!

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5 Foolproof Tips for Gifting Jewelry

SPRING 2016Ayana MillerComment

Jewelry is a great gift for any occasion, however, you have to understand the person you're buying for in order to make sure it's a hit and not a miss! Here are 5 foolproof tips for gifting your girlfriends jewelry that will be sure to win you respect without spending a fortune.

1. Budget.

Avoid spending too much or too little for a piece. The best way to go about this is to decide up front how much you're willing to spend and do some research about the best quality jewelry you can afford in that price range. When you decide your budget upfront, you can go into higher-end stores and shop the sales with confidence and know that your friend will appreciate both the thought and quality of your gift. If you're really strapped for cash, keep an eye on sites like which offers money back on purchases. Who knew gifting would put money in your account!?!? 

2. Be Subjective.

Seriously, ladies (and gents). This one should be a given. Don't buy anything you wouldn't wear. Don't take this too literally though. While you and your friends may have different styles and tastes, when you're gifting, think about things that you'd want to receive. It's your chance to be picky! Think about how your friend asks your opinion when shopping- use that same perspective to make purchases for them! 

3. Observe.

Look for patterns in the person you're gifting jewelry to. Do they wear more gold or silver? Hoops or posts? If they've never worn a statement necklace in their life and haven't mentioned wanting to do so, then this occasion is not the time to think they'd like to branch out. Start taking notes of what they say they want and what they actually wear. The perfect gift will be a combination of both. 

4. Customize. 

Buying custom is a great way to show that you put thought and energy into a gift. It goes a step beyond saying, I got this at XYZ store. Custom gifts are unique and one-of-kind. They are a great way to get more bang for you buck. Try a site like and search for custom pieces. You can pretty much do anything you want with customizations- a name, birthday, birthstone, nickname, inside jokes, special dates. The possibilities are endless!  

Pro Tip: offers free customization on all applicable purchases and will include a personal note on all orders noted as gifts! 

5. Plan.

This may seem like an obvious tip as well, but you'd be surprised as to how many people wait until the very last moment to shop for gifts for the important people in their lives. It happens to everyone- time gets away and you find yourself without time to get the gift you truly want- the custom gift, the thing your friend really said they wanted but will take 5 days to arrive, being strategic to find out their ring size, etc.. The best workaround for this is to plan ahead. Set reminders on your phone for the months leading up to special gifting occasions and start making steps (like budgeting and shopping around) to make sure you have enough time to actually get an amazing gift! 

Have you ever gifted or received amazing jewelry? Share your stories below and be sure to sign up for the Love yanz newsletter so that you never miss the latest! 




5 Jewelry Trends You Should Know About

SPRING 2016Ayana MillerComment

1. Mix & Match.

The line between high-end (also known as fine) jewelry and costume jewelry is blurring. Some companies are beginning to encourage customers to mix and match high end pieces with low end pieces. For instance, you shouldn't be afraid to pair $10,000 worth of fine jewelry with an H&M dress. (see Helen Hunt at the Academy Awards in 2013).

2. Brand It.

What's branded jewelry, you ask? It's basically any jewelry you associate with a brand name. Think: Tiffany's, Cartier, Hermes, etc. In past decades, estate or heirloom jewelry was considered "in", but the influx of new money into the jewelry market has ushered in an era of branded jewelry. So go ahead, embrace this trend of branded jewelry. Our guess is that it's here to stay a while. 

3. Wrap It.

While stacked pieces are a very "now" look, it can be difficult to pull off successfully on a budget. One approach is to wear a single piece that gives the appearance of stacking. Wrapped rings, wrapped bracelets, and even wrapped necklaces can help anyone pull off the stacked look without having to buy a bunch of difference accessories. For instance, check out the Love Yanz sterling silver scandal ring for some inspiration.

4. Pick Any Decade.

Don't let the latest fashion magazines fool you with their chatter about what decade is hot right now. Channeling the fashion of any decade is always a fabulous fashion choice when done right. Every fashion season you'll hear that this or that decade is in. And while it may certainly dominate (take the 70s, 80s, and 90s throwback styes), the truth is that styles of every decade are always being recycled. Pick accessories from decades that resonate with your personal style and run with it!

5. Run, Reach, Climb.

Ear climbers are hot right now. These earrings are a great way to dress up the entire length of your ear lobe, which has apparently been feeling abandoned. Our advice is to have fun with these pieces. Unless you have a very relaxed work enviornment, you'll likely be wearing your earclimbers on the weekends, so you might as well have some fun!

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Love Yanz Basics: How To Remove Tarnish

Ayana MillerComment

Even with the best intentions and care, jewelry will tarnish over time. Base metals  (the kind that most fast fashion/costume jewelry is made of) tends to go through this process much quicker than precious metals (14K gold, sterling silver, and platinum, for example) due to the chemical reactions that occur when metals are exposed to the air and chemicals in it. 

At Love Yanz, we embrace costume jewelry because we recognize its convenience for people who don't want to spend a fortune on a jewelry piece that they don't need long-term or don't plan to keep forever. It's our philosophy that some jewelry is meant to be fun and for the moment. Creating jewelry out of base metal allows for that flexibility at an affordable price.

If you're a savvy customer, you still expect to get the most bang for your buck. This means that you may have to dedicate some time (and a few resources) to keep your costume jewelry looking as great as the day you bought it. 

Exposing your jewelry to sun can cause damage over time, but there's one type of sunshine that's great for jewelry. Keep reading to find out more!

Exposing your jewelry to sun can cause damage over time, but there's one type of sunshine that's great for jewelry. Keep reading to find out more!

Here are a few at-home remedies for getting rid of tarnish: 

Sunshine Cloths (Our Pick)

Sunshine cloths are a professional jeweler's dream, but are easy for anyone to use. They are the secret to getting high shine with final effort. These professional cleaning cloths and their competitors have become more readily available in our direct to consumer culture. 

Pro Tip: You can buy sunshine cloths in bulk on They are super effective in cleaning and polishing simultaneously, but if you have multiple pieces, then you'll definitely want to grab more than a few. They turn a dark color as they clean and they cannot be washed. 


The acidity in ketchup makes it an ideal cleaning agent for fast removal of tarnish. The fact that most people have this ingredient at home helps too! Place the ketchup on a soft cloth and gently polish the piece; applying additional pressure in areas that are severely tarnished. Rinse any additional ketchup off with warm water and dry thoroughly.

Water, Salt and Baking Soda

Warm 3 parts water in an appropriately sized bowl for your jewelry piece. Mix in 1 part salt and 2 parts baking soda. Gently dip the piece in the bowl and mix to ensure the piece is submersed in the mixture. The piece should clean without much scrubbing, but follow up with a soft cloth as needed. As an alternative for heavy duty needs, try creating a paste out of the same ingredients and applying to areas in need of attention. Be sure to dry the piece thoroughly.

Pro Tip: There are few variations on this approach that you may want to try depending on your tarnish levels and available ingredients. One alternative is water, vinegar and salt. Be aware that vinegar is highly acidic! You shouldn't leave any jewelry in a vinegar bath for extended periods of time. 







Love Yanz Basics: How to Care for Copper Jewelry

LOVE YANZ BASICSAyana MillerComment

Take out a handful of pennies. It's likely the case that they vary in patina (color) and shade, Pennies are one of the most well-known real-life uses of copper. Copper is an attractive metal for money and for other items such as jewelry because of its price and durability. However, simply touching a solid copper item can cause it to patina (also referred to as discoloring). This process can be expedited by your body's own reactions (e.g. medications, perspiration, and general body chemistry). 

At Love Yanz, we prefer to use the term "patina" over discoloration because patina is a natural process that is highly desirable and sought after. In fact, some jewelers will use chemicals to create a patina effect. Love Yanz bangles include a dark lettering that is achieved by a process called oxidation that adds a dark patina to the entire piece. This is then buffed away during the final stages so that it is only left in the creases of each letter. The basic point is that while "patina" often gets a bad reputation because of a lack of understanding, it's actually controllable, reversible, and desirable in some cases!  


 One at-home method used to protect against copper patina upfront is to coat your jewelry piece with clear nail polish in the areas where the piece will come into contact with skin. It may seem weird, but it's effective! Be sure to let the piece dry thoroughly before wearing. Understand that just like any other prevention method, the coating will eventually wear off and will require refreshing. 

Pro Tip: If you purchase a piece of jewelry from Love yanz, all jewelry comes waxed. This wax coating same the purpose as the nail polish. Adding additional layers of coating such as nail provide additional coverage from elements such as your skin, exposure to the air, and other potential chemical reactions. 


If you already have a piece that requires maintenance, check out the Love Yanz Basics: How to Remove Tarnish to learn how to clean your piece and restore it to it's pre-patina state.



A Beginner's Guide to Self-Love

WINTER 2016Ayana MillerComment

I started hand making "Love Yourself'" bangles as a physical token of encouragement for my girlfriends. I wanted them to be reminded  of their worth on a daily basis. In the chaos of everyday, it can be hard to stay positive and focused on long-term goals. I knew I needed a reminder and I didn't want to keep my self-love token a secret.  

Love Yanz bangles are a simple, but fashionable way to make a huge statement without saying a word. The #loveyourself movement is a reminder to make positive, self-affirmation a daily habit. 


Buy one for yourself, daughter, sister, niece, grandma, mom, girlfriends, and anyone else you love and want to stay encouraged. Each bracelet is hand crafted, stamped with love, and is personalized (for free!) just for you. 

Let's make self-love and affirmation a movement and use it to fuel us as we pursue our wildest dreams and ambitions


 Download a free guide to get started on your self-love journey




Educating the Heart

SUMMER 2015Ayana MillerComment
Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all
— Aristotle

Love Yanz recently participated in a 24-hour fabrication class at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. In addition to an awesome location in San Francisco, great instructors, and ample lab spaces (complete with tools and materials), the Academy also boasts an impressive list of internationally renowned alumni and master jewelers. 

The experience was a reminder that education in all forms is nourishment and can be enriching for both the mind and soul. The moment we stop learning is the moment we stop living. Aristotle notes that "educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." That means the education can happen simultaneously in the heart and mind and shouldn't be in competition with one another. Often, we see our trade-off as choosing between the mind and the heart, but when it comes to education, Aristotle, at least, thinks we should strive for both.



Here at Love Yanz, we educate our heart and mind through sharing designs that inspire us and (hopefully) you. Inspiration is at the heart (pun intended) of everything we create and thus why we included love in our name. Every creation is an interaction and exchange of elements that is a labor of love.

How are you balancing an education of your mind and heart? If you aren't seeing the results of your activities then it may be time to think about new ways to bring your education into balance.

Much Love,